Full Service Land Brokerage

From acquisitions and divestitures, and title work to right of way and seismic projects, M&R Resources can handle all your land service requirements. Our trained and experience landmen are dedicated and committed to complete all projects in a cost effective, professional, efficient, and timely manner. We pride ourselves on providing services that satisfy our clients and build long lasting relationships. Please click on one of the links below to learn more.

Acquisitions and Right of Way

M&R Resources' landmen have the ability to acquire leases in any area where you are currently pursuing leasehold. Our professional and experienced agents are successful in negotiating for minerals and or surface with any individual, group or commercial properties in the most competitive of areas. We also have qualified Right Of Way agents who are capable of securing any ROW agreement concerning preparation for pipeline allocation.


M&R Resources can take care of all your mapping needs. Our trained and qualified GIS specialist can provide up to date mapping services using whatever software is required and deliver it by whichever method is most convenient.

Preparation of Abstracts for Certified Drilling Opinions

M&R Resources knows the importance of having a valid ownership report before drilling commences. We have the ability, resources and personnel to provide cost effective and correct abstracts necessary to apprise whether a lease is valid, the net revenue interests involved and all other aspects of title before you commence drilling.


M&R Resources can take your area of interest and identify all surface and mineral owners within your project area in order to obtain the necessary permits. Our experienced seismic team has the ability to work with permits regarding state and county roads for governmentals and are well versed in negotiating any surface permit at the lowest cost to our client. Our agents will stay on the premises while your job is being shot to handle any reclamation or surface damages that may be brought up during the shoot.


Numerous defects can arise in the chain of title. Whether the problem may be an ambiguity, erroneous instrument, stranger to title, or other issue, our Landmen have the knowledge and ability to perform the necessary measures to find the documents necessary to cure these defects to title.

Due Diligence

Nothing is more valuable than peace of mind in an industry as volatile as Oil and Gas. At M&R Resources, we can give you peace of mind by performing the due diligence before you purchase an interest in property. Our trained, reputable, and professional contractors are fully capable of performing the necessary due diligence in a cost effective, professional, and timely fashion.


Solar Energy is one of the energy modes of the future. Often, this is one of the most difficult negotiations to accomplish as the land agent is competing against the farmer's love of the land. Our land agents are fully prepared to enter into, and successfully complete these negotiations.

Cell Phone Towers

Zoning and planning laws now govern the location of wireless facilities in most areas of the country. These regulations must be taken into account before the system design has been set in stone. To do otherwise creates the risk of delayed launches and gaps in coverage. An early convergence between the RF design plan and the zoning/planning environment is now a necessity. A site that has no chance of local regulatory approval is no site at all. M&R Resources understands the changes that have taken place in the business, and we are prepared to deal proactively with these changes. We pay particular attention to the local environments in which we work, and we help to build the network design around them.

Further, we realize the difference between attractive paperwork and a good site. It takes experience to find the best cell tower sites. We have that experience and we will find the best ones possible…site after site.

Wind Turbine Site Acquisition

The wind energy industry is not so new, but is a growth industry which M&R Resources has positioned itself to provide quality site acquisition services. M&R Resources has experience with the recent push for Green Energy and the dollars set aside by Congress to entice development of

Green Energies. M&R Resource's Wind team has the abilities and skill sets to be an asset to those companies looking to establish or increase their assets in the wind

energy field.